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We are a young, dynamic team that understands the need to be proficient in what we do whilst protecting our natural surroundings. Having a passion for nature and Cape Town's unique landscape, we seek to encourage the use of this pristine landscape by the film and event industry whilst serving to protect the surrounding natural environment that we call home.

About: Services

Douw Steyn - Managing Director

Douw graduated with a BSc in Conservation Ecology from the University of Stellenbosch whereafter he completed his Masters Degree in Environmental Management. 

Whilst building experience in the environmental field, he obtained extensive experience as an environmental practitioner and ECO on various projects ranging from the development of water pipelines in the Kalahari to the construction of residential developments, waste water treatment facilities and gas stations. 



Ruan Kruger – Executive Director

Ruan obtained his Masters Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. His Thesis was selected as the winner of the category Masters in Human Geography hosted by the Society of South African Geographers (SSAG).

After Ruan's comprehensive tertiary education he gained experience in the film and events industry working as an ECO on numerous popular feature films shot in Southern Africa. He has worked globally as an Environmental Educator and inspired many through his facilitation and voluntary effort in Eco Education workshops. For the past two years he has been specialising in precision agriculture using data, drones and GIS technology for sustainable and innovative farming.



Annika Bremicker - Sustainability Consultant 

With an international background in Business - as well as Sustainability Management, Annika is a strategic-thinking, multi-lingual Sustainability Consultant (MSc at University of Leeds) and Environmental Impact Assessment Practitioner (IEMA- certified). 

She is experienced in operations and project management, CSR and non-financial reporting according to GRI standards, as well as community engagement and direct marketing. 


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