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Permits & Licensing : Film & Events

Welcome to our administration department where we specialize in everything permit related. With our knowledge of environmentally sensitive areas around South Africa and our relationship with its governing bodies, we facilitate our clients with legal and appropriate permit processes. This is often seen as a daunting task but, with our expertise we remove the administrative burden and ensure that your projects can proceed in a legally sound and environmentally conscious manner.

Location Scouting: Film & Events

As South African residents and adventure enthusiasts we pride ourselves on knowing some of the finest locations around the country. With your project needs in mind, our team goes on scouting missions and recommend the best locations through visual reporting and feedback. Photographic and video materials are provided to clients to showcase the areas and its potential environmental restrictions.

Environmental Control Officer: On-site ECOs

The ECO acts as an independent body overlooking all activities occurring during a film production or similar event. Persons acting under the applicable permit conditions have the responsibility to follow all requirements and conditions stipulated therein. With adequate briefing, the ECO will ensure that all conditions and requirements are being adhere to and will directly communicate to the persons in charge and the appropriate authorities on matters revolving around the project.Environmental Audits will be compiled by the ECO on a regular basis as stipulated in the permit requirements. The aim of these audits is to have a record of activities as well as to ensure that the project complies with all of the conditions and requirements of the area.

Resource Management

Our team has extensive academic and practical knowledge, experience as well as passion for sustainability in project management. We will happily assist you in managing your on-set resources (water, energy, food, transport, build and set-materials, waste) responsibly, as well as provide guidance on how to localise your suppliers and be more sustainable in your production. This will not only aid in limiting your carbon footprint but also assist in saving unnecessary expenditure.



Green Room aims to provide you with high-quality interactive reports according to international and GRI standards in the film industry, and guidance thereupon, so that you can keep track of your production and make informed decisions. Whether those are affiliated to resource and supplier management, location scouting or the like.

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